Eyeglass lens options have changed dramatically in the past decade. You have the choice of lighter and thinner materials, tinted plastic lenses that change, no- line bifocals that provide the best range of vision for bifocal wearers, and coatings that improve safety, vision and fashion.

We choose frames in stock for their comfort, dependability and quality.

We have several frame vendors that carry various lines:

Maui Jim: Sunglasses (Rx and Non-Rx)

Costa Del Mar: Sunglasses (Rx and Non- Rx)

Luxottica: Ray Ban (Sunglasses and Ophthalmic), Prada, Burberry, Coach (Sunglasses and Ophthalmic), Dolce & Gabbana, Oakley (Sunglasses and Ophthalmic), Versace

Safilo: Gucci (Sunglasses and Ophthalmic), Kate Spade, Juicy Couture, Banana Republic, Carrera, Chesterfield, Marc Jacobs, Jimmy Choo

Marchon: Nike

Revolution Eyewear: Revolution Magnetic Clip-On

Marcolin:  Candies

Kenmark: Vera Wang, Penguin, Kensie

Charmant: Line Art 

Europa: Scott Harris, Michael Ryen

Eyeglass Guarantee ...

We stock high quality, fashion frames backed by at least a one-year warranty against normal breakage or defects. Scratch resistant plastic lenses are covered for one year against scratching under normal wear. Prescription changes are sometimes necessary to fine tune your prescription.

Changes prescribed by your doctor will be made at no charge within 30 days of when the eyeglasses are first received.

Adjustment Period
Often a new prescription, or a different design or material, will require an initial adjustment period. It is best to wear your new prescription as much as possible to learn quickly to use them. With correction for astigmatism, things may appear tilted, slanted or bowed. You may feel as though you are walking uphill, downhill, or in a valley. This sensation normally subsides within 1 - 2 weeks if the glasses are worn on a regular basis.


Contact Lenses


Measurements for the surface of your eyes, tear productions and visual requirements are all factors in successful contact lens wear. The latest technology in a variety of lenses and wearing schedules are available and the doctor will guide you toward a program designed for you. Your eye care team will closely monitor your progress to ensure that the lenses fit properly and are providing the safety and comfort you deserve. 


Advances in surgical correction techniques have made it more viable as a vision correction option. Laser procedures have lead to faster, less painful refractive surgery. New techniques are constantly being studied for safety and effectiveness. Many factors are used to help you decide if corrective surgery is for you. The doctor will outline your choices and make sure that you are well educated on all the options.