Annual Check-Up

 During your visit, we make every effort to ensure that your eye health and vision remain at their best. The registration form includes your health history and medications, your family's health history, and your symptoms. This type of information lets us begin the process that will keep you seeing better and longer. Many eye conditions relate to the types of medications you take and the condition of your overall health.

We also ask that you tell us your hobbies and occupation. This information allows the staff to understand your needs and give you the type of vision correction best for you. For example, a computer operator has special up close visual needs, while a machinist or carpenter has his or her own unique vision and safety requirements.

Contact Lens Exam

 During the exam the doctor will measure the surface of your eyes, look at tear productions and visual requirements as factors in fitting with contact lenses. The latest technology in a variety of lenses and wearing schedules are available and the doctor will guide you toward a program designed for you. The staff at Shoemaker Vision Center will closely monitor your progress to ensure that the lenses fit properly and are providing the safety and comfort you deserve. 


Special Tests

Before the eye exam starts the technician will preform a visual field test on you. This tests your peripheral vision and evaluates loss/damage to nerve cells in the vision pathway to the brain. Another test preformed is topography. This measures the shape and surface of the cornea and is important for fitting contacts. 

Cancellation & No-show Policy

 There will be a $25 fee for cancellations that are not given more than a 24 hour notice or any no-show.